Friday, April 27, 2012

Additions Feb 2012 to April 2012

Anastomosing Laterals
Calcified canals
Pulp chamber
Calcified molar
Ominous Lesion
Instrumenting MB2
Buccal caries Recent recall
Cast post cores
Severe pain
Perio pocket
Not much calcified
Hess anatomy
3 palatal POE
Crap endo
Implant algorithm Recapitulations
Long term recall
Nerve proximity
Tooth #15
Psicologic condition
Fractured central
Radicular root
Wave lower molar
ECIR type III ECIR recall
Stainless steel band
Microscope dentistry
Complex root canal
Upper premolar
Scope bracket
Thermafilth abuse
Retreatment failure
Spreader loading Buccal sinus tracts
Overflow of cement
Cracked tooth
Root ressection
Vertical condensation
Big infection
NSRCT on molar
Dangerous anatomy
Alloys and composite
Unknown instruments
Lesion on cuspid
Missed lateral canal
Periapical lesion
Subgingival Geristore
Unusual molar
Partial pulpotomy
Massive caries
Incisors cases
Cracked tooth syndrom
Narrow mesial root
Long canine
Buccal furcation
Lateral lesion
Healed PA lesion
5 year recall
18 year recall
Internal resorption
Lateral POE
Instrument removal
Shaping and irrigation
Rotary shaping
MTA cases
S Curvature
Endo perio lesion
Missed distal canal
V and C shape
Fractured tooth
Obturation sequence
Caries exposure
Clinical cases

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