Saturday, October 01, 2011

Latest additions Aug - Sep 2011

Roberto Cristescu - Fistel
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tracts - different treatments
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 9
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 28
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 29
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 30
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 32
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 17
Mark Dreyer - 25 year old case
Craig Barrington - 15 year follow up of Palatal root
Rafaël Michiels - Left lateral upper incisor
Rajiv Patel - Distalized access
Craig Barrington - Cleared teeth: Crown preparation
Mark Dreyer - 4 year recall: hydrolosis of dentin bond
Maarten Meire - Large lesion in endodontic region
Rajiv Patel - Tincture of titanium?
Mark Dreyer -Amazing one year healing
JDA 2011 - Abstracts 2011: Abstract 26
JDA, Vol 134, No 3 - Titanium applications in dentistry
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 1
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 2
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 3
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 4
Roberto Cristescu - Trauma case 2010
Konstantinos kalogeropoulos - Thermafilth retreatment
Rafaël Michiels - Asymptomatic Apical Periodontitis
Bojidar Kafelov - Calcified incisor II
Fred Barnett - Einstein Intrusion case
Rafael Michiels - Blasphemy
Roberto Cristescu - C shape canal
Javier Pascual - Second canal in apical third
Terry Frey J - Sensitivity and pain
Terry Pannkuk - Questionable Overuse of CBCT
Mark Dreyer - Not a trophy case
Jorge Vera - Tough canals with twisted files
Roberto Cristescu - There should be no difference to use CaOH or not
How Cavity Causing Microbes Invade Heart
Dental care polishes much more than teeth
In pain mom-to-be found only dentist wait list
Rajiv Patel - vicious curvacious tooth # 15
Roberto Cristescu - Nice Mb2 confluence
Roberto Cristescu - Macrophages around apical part
Roberto Cristescu - Missed MB
Roberto Cristescu - Bone loss in furcation
Roberto Cristescu - Enamel Pearl
Rajiv Patel - Minimally Invasive (MiNi) Microscopic Endodontics
Terry Pannkuk - Labial resorption defect
NIDCR Diabetes can cause serious problems in your mouth
David Leader - Dentists Can Screen for Diabetes
Terry Pannkuk - Multiple recapitulations
Craig Barrington - Kick Access technique
Bojidar Kafelov - Herodontic cases and a humble 1 year recall
Roberto Cristescu - 25 years long term recall
Christoph Kaaden - Vertical implant fracture case
Sergio martins - 6mm prbing crack C shaped
Wisdom tooth FAQ
Wisdom tooth video
Wisdom tooth removal
Fred Barnett - CBCT and PA lucency
Terry Pannkuk - Crack assessment technique
Craig Barrington - My first implant
Terry Pannkuk - Another thermafilth result

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