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ROOTS cases - Year 2009

Terry Pannkuk - Perforating internal resorption case
Terry Pannkuk - Five Month Dental Douche
Fred Barnett - 3 rooted lower molar:Tooth #18
Fred Barnett - retreatment #30--cbct
Fred Barnett - MSDO : before and after endo tx
Ilya mer - PDL on both central incisors : Funky case
Terry Pannkuk - Lesion on the MB root of #3
John Valentine - Canal blocked  palatal patent,buccal query
Fred Barnett - CBCT - serious pathosis
Fred Barnett - Molar is testing as Irreversible Pulpitis

Terry Pannkuk - Combination Nonsurgical Surgical Resorption Repair
Javier Pascual - MTA direct pulp capping
Terry Pannkuk - Beach ball sized lesion
Mark Dreyer - Finding MB1 , MB2 and MB3
Liviu Steier - Implant case of the day
Barry Goodman - Blade implant after 30 years
Fred Barnett - Compare PA and CBCT lesion or No lesion
Fred Barnett - Palatal resorption : root tip : Large PA lesion
Fred Barnett - CBCT and diagnosis of trauma
Terry Pannkuk - Maxillary second molar: Thermafilth

Liviu Steier - Missed MB2 and MSDO
Fred Barnett - Trauma case with PA and clinical pictures
Fred Barnett - Retx case: missed distal canal
Sergiu Nicola: Removal of separated instrument
Terry Pannkuk: CBCT Exam for patient slated for heart surgery
Terry Pannkuk: CBCT scan on routine lesion
Mohammed Alshehri: Root planing:Bleaching:Ceramic final crowns
Fred Barnett: Lesions
Fred Barnett: Landl root fx case
Dmitri Ruzanov: Two implants:no wax up:no stent

Continuing Dental Education - Implants
Terry Pannkuk: Complex molar case: Narrow long mesial root
Liviu Steier: Eminence and lipping of the condyle
Guy Moorman: Bisphosphate and radiation case
Fred Barnett: Tooth #30 PA and CBCT
Jose: Placing implant Position #4 and cantilever to #3
Bioscaff: Alvelac :Preserve tooth sockets naturally
Terry Pannkuk: No signs of PA radiolucencies
Liviu Steier - Eminence and lipping of the condyle
Guy Moorman - Bisphosphate and radiation case

Fred Barnett - Tooth #30 PA and CBCT
Jose - Placing implant Position #4 and cantilever to #3
Bioscaff: Alvelac :Preserve tooth sockets naturally
Terry Pannkuk - No signs of PA radiolucencies
Terry Pannkuk - Moderate percussion sensitivity
Rafaël Michiels - Direct Capping with MTA
Sergio martins - Molar retreat: Acute abscess
Einstein - Bilal - Implant #30 (Ankylos 4.5 x 11m)
Rajiv Patel - Fun with tricuspid
Terry Pannkuk - Access preparations with Ledges and perfs

Barry Goodman - Periapical radiolucency
Kristina Otaite - Triple retreatment
Fred Barnett - Tooth #15: very large lesion : missed MB2
Einstein - Melissa: MB2 joined with ML
Thomas Shimko - Crack or mesial canal
Sergiu Nicola - Playing with mesial system
Mark Dreyer - 95% of the canal was simple
Einstein - Bilal: Tooth #8 : chronic periapical abscess, sinus tract
Einstein - Bilal: Tooth #30 :Irreversible pulpitis
Rob Kaufmann - Upper right cuspid : Lateral incisor

Rob Kaufmann - Dentin wrapped around pulp space
Sergiu Nicola - Simple retreatment with a surprise
Liviu Steier - Furcation involvement class III
Venkat - Missing ML canal : Separated instrument removal
Maarten Meire - Retreatment case: silverpoints, missed anatomy
Mark Dreyer - Middle mesial canal
Guy Moorman - Acute pulpitis :periapical periodontitis
Patrick Wahl - Better with Twisted Files than Without Them
Roberto Cristescu - Tooth tilted to mesial:Limited mouth opening
Roberto Cristescu - Etiology of the distal lesion

Mark Dreyer - Torturous apical anatomy
Mark Dreyer - Chewing sensitivity of fleeting duration on #2
Liviu Steier - Third Implant case
Liviu Steier - First implant case
Liviu Steier - Second implant case
Sergiu Nicola - Twin broken file removal plus a ledge
Alejandro Podolsky - Three roots upper premolar
Christoph Kaaden - Internal Vs External Resorption
Terry Pannkuk - Complicated apical trifurcation-distal
Melissa - Einstein: #18 irreversible pulpitis with APP

Javier Pascual - Cvek pulpotomy with CaOH in tooth 3.7
Terry Pannkuk - Severe  gingival inflammation: Tooth #6 and #11
Noemi pascual - Premolar 45 with a nice lateral canal
Guy Moorman - Ortho is a viable treatment with an implant
Gary L henkel - Obvious major circumferential radioluscency
Terry Pannkuk - Cannot bite on the bicuspid tooth
Glenn van As - Getting down the canal with ultrasonics
Sergiu Nicola - Middle mesial with separate POE
Terry Pannkuk - Chamber stuffed with cotton
Marga Ree - Sandblasting the pulp floor

Marga Ree - Removing silver points with chloroform
Terry Pannkuk - Irrigating, flushing, and churning irrigant, changing the CH
D K Garretson - Parethesia and marked swelling
Terry Pannkuk - Endo misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment
Kristina Otaite - 5 canals in lower molar
Venkat - AG BU with Ortho Band
Venkat - Completed Apico with MTA retrofill
Venkat - Resin core
Venkat - Pre endo Build up and importance of BW
Venkat - MB2 had a difficult acute curve

Rafaël Michiels - Cleaning, shaping and obturation


Sergiu Nicola - Finding MB2 and MB3 : isthmus

Mark Dreyer - MB 2 presentation : deep in a canal

Terry Pannkuk - Complex anatomy and severe pulp calcification

Rafaël Michiels - Incredible overextension of sealer

SOTIRIS MAGKOS - Prognosis for the lateral incisor

Jeremy Rourke - Amazing images of Acute Pulpitis

Terry Pannkuk - Apical thirds from multiple angles

Mohammed Saleh - CT guided implant syrgery

Terry Pannkuk - Shaping versus Cleaning and Shaping

Guy Moorman - Long lower third : constriction of the mesial canals

Arturo R. García - Veneer cases

Mark Dreyer - how to clean a chamber floor

Sergiu Nicola - Interesting anatomy on upper premolar

Mark Dreyer - Severe curvature : Tough MB1 and MB2

Mark Dreyer - Finding the MB2

Rajiv Patel - Distal with multiplanar curves

Javier Pascual - Three canal lower premolar

Rajiv Patel - Tremendous loss of tooth structure

Nazariy Mykhaylyuk - Tooth 46,4 canals,4 apexes,Vertical condensation

Mark Dreyer - Restorative failure in which the pdl is intact

Javier Pascual - Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Ahmad Tehrani - Bent file stuck in the mid root

Ahmad Tehrani - Zirconia crown: Upper molar endo

Ahmad Tehrani - Dycal matrix : scope : MB2

Kristina Otaite - Lower premolar deep furcation

Maarten Meire - Upper molar with resorption

Mark Dreyer - Search for MB2

Mark Dreyer - Where to look for MB2

Mark Dreyer - Lateral canal

Terry Pannkuk - Teeth with wide open apices

Nikolaas Dewilde - Fistula in first upper premolar

Mark Dreyer - File separated in MB canal

Mark Dreyer - Red hair gingivitis : bleeding pulp

Terry Pannkuk - Pulp piercing

Mark Dreyer - Tilted upper molar: Difficult canals to shape

Mark Dreyer - Documenting search for MB2

Mark Dreyer - Tear drop shaped MB orifice

Abdul Parmar - Trauma case followup

Abdul Parmar - Follow up of trauma case

Abdul Parmar - 7 years old boy follow up of trauma case

Rafaël Michiels - Cone pumping: System B and obtura

Maarten Meire - Necrotic central incisor with internal resorption

Terry Pannkuk - Cracked Tooth Replacement

Terry Pannkuk - Two porcelain crown access cores

Sergiu Nicola - Retreatment of a necrotic case

Sergiu Nicola - Four broken files retrieval case

Mark Dreyer - Post space given in p canal

Gary L henkel - Maxillary 2nd molar with deep apical split

Sergiu Nicola - Xenon light source Acuity 300W dual xenon

Terry Pannkuk - Split maxillary molar with blown out buccal plate

Fred Barnett - Lesion on the mesial root

Javier Pascual - Two palatal cusps and some weird anatomy

Terry Pannkuk - 3.5 S Astra Implant : peripheral native bone

Mark Dreyer - getting enough light into canal for decent photo

Mark Dreyer - MB2 merging with MB1

Stefan Klinge - Buildup before endo treatment

Use of antibiotics appropriately for emergency

Ahmad Tehrani - Fractured lower molar: Endo restorative


Mark Dreyer - Splitting the buccal and lingual

Maarten Meire - Acute apical abcess : routine premolar



Terry Pannkuk - Tooth # 32: Third molar: Lesions

Mark Dreyer - Unusual MB2: canal and palatal orifice



Endo cases : ROOTS

Terry Pannkuk - Trauma slow burn :skeletal maturity

Terry Pannkuk - Alveolar bone height : Mesial marginal ridge crack

Mark Dreyer - Disposable RD : Handidams by Aseptico

Sergiu Nicola - Broken file retrieval cases

Leandro A P Pereira - K3 out of Apex :hemostasis:circular flap

Terry Pannkuk - Treatment of multiple teeth: Limited mouth opening

Rafaël Michiels - Cold lateral condensation : Cleaning and obturation

Sotiris Magkos - Large Apical resorption

Sotiris Magkos - Interesting apical resorption

Kenneth S Serota - Roots Digest 2 : Anatomy of root canals

Kenneth S Serota - Roots Digest 1 : Endodontist

Kenneth S Serota - Roots Digest 3 : postdoctoral endo program

Amir-Teymour Moinzadeh - Interesting apical delta

Ahmad Tehrani - No MTA, no polyester, no bioceramic

Ilias Mer - Real fatiguing case :Mesial and distal obturation

Mark Dreyer - Hot test: Dry prophy cup: System B

Javier Pascual - Revascularization first session : Reynolds protocol

Kenneth S Serota - Implants in endodontics

Best articles week ending 1st July 2009

Senor: Thermafil obturated lower first molar with gold crown

Mark Dreyer: Internal resorption : Resorptive lesion

Sergiu Nicola: Conservative removal of a broken file

Terry Pannkuk: 4 year recall Weeping Lesion

Roberto Cristescu: CBCT - Split tooth

Roberto Cristescu: Healed case :tooth # 11:Tooth # 21

Rob Kaufmann: Maxillary left lateral incisor

Best articles week ending 24th June 2009

Rafaël Michiels: Advantages of warm technique: RCT of tooth 3.6 (#19)

Rob Kaufmann: Occasional palatal swelling: Resorption mapping

Fred - Bilal Einstein Revascularization case

Christoph Kaaden: Finding other canals apart from palatinal

Rajiv Patel: Forked tongue cases

Terry Pannkuk: Short 6mm long implant

Terry Pannkuk: Broken bur get in apical half of the root

Terry Pannkuk: Astra 6mm by 4mm implant

Terry Pannkuk: Split root : implant

Terry Pannkuk: 9 year surgical recall

Best articles week ending 17th June 2009

Melissa - Einstein: TF files complete case

Sergiu Nicola: Broken files, apical ledges, and 3 failed retreatments

Jared - Einstein: Three furs:Tooth #31:Tooth #30:Tooth #29

Jared - Einstein: Bleach and treat #9

Best articles week ending 10th June 2009

Jared - Einstein: Using TF files

Danny O'Keefe: 3D implant photos

Siju Jacob: Two mandibular incisors

Sergiu Nicola: Cool apical split : Lateral canal

Best articles week ending 3rd June 2009

Dental India:Best articles week ending 28th May 2009

Dental India: Key search terms - 28th May 2009

Camil Ianes: Interesting anatomy cases

Jeffrey C. Hoos: Implants failure : over heated bone : CBCT

Sanjay Jamdade: Notes on lecure by Prof Nentwig and Dr Weighl

Terry Pannkuk: coronal blood staining on the crown

Javier Pascual: Lateral luxation : Buccal fistula :Buccal distal

Guy Moorman:Lesion on MB : Chipped tooth

Einstein: Buck Endo perio case

Dental India: Best articles week ending 20th May 2009

Terry Frey: Finding DB (distal buccal) Canal

Javier Pascual: Fracture : Buccal and palatal

Marga Ree: Retreatment, surgery or implant

Ahmad Tehrani: Pain with LR 1st molar #30

Einstein: Bilal Distal end of the core : Molar

Kendel Garretson: Upper second molar: pulpitis

Georgescu Daniel: #3.6 Immediate Implant

Dental India:Best articles week ending 13th May 2009

Siju Jacob: Restricted mouth opening, narrow canals

John A. Schehl: Deep decay : carious exposure

Dr Barden: Traumatic accident and avulsion

Javier Pascual: Fragment of a broken drill

Christoph Kaaden: Lesion on the D root

Ahmad Tehrani: Extract / Implant

Ahmad Tehrani: Carious exposure : Irreversible pulpitis with AAP

Sergiu Nicola: Over extension, broken files,apical perforation

Terry Pannkuk: Tooth severly tipped to the lingual

Jorge Vera: Passive ultrasonic activation:Irrigation

Siju Jacob: Calcified chamber : Mandibular second molar

Siju Jacob: Middle mesial : Mandibular first molar

Rafaël Michiels: Dental decay : cold lateral condensation

Kendel Garretson: Calcium hydroxide as an interim dressing

Jorge Vera: TF and patency

Abdul Parmar: Fluorosis affecting the upper centrals

Dmitri Ruzanov: Glassfiber Post

Fred Barnett: Tooth #8 and tooth #9

Marga Ree: Resorption due to ortho

Marga Ree: Retreatment of an apico

Javier Pascual: Single visit root canal retreatment

Marga Ree: Apical barrier technique with MTA : MTA barrier

Carlos Saramago: Severe curvatures case : Coronal flaring

Noemi pascual: PA child case : Tooth #36

Kristina Otaite: Lower premolar : Cold lateral

Jose: sinus lift lateral window : Membrane

Terry Pannkuk: Huge pulp stone and irrational dentin

Marga Ree: Perforation repair - 3 year followup

Terry Pannkuk: Sequence pictures of a maxillary molar access

Rafaël Michiels: Protaper shaping and cleaning with NaOCl and EDTA

Rafaël Michiels: Apical periodontitis : Restoration in glassionomer

A dictionary of dental terms:dental terminology

Rafaël Michiels: Pulsing pain and moderate percussion sensitivity

John A Khademi: MM / Isthmus protocol

John A Khademi: Mesial middle

Jörg Schröder: Fragment beyond the apex :endosonore files

Terry Pannkuk: Sideways molar

Terry Pannkuk: Abscess on second bicuspid : Post drill out

Rob Kaufmann: Allergy to Red Dye and relationship to Gutta Percha?

Winfried Zeppenfeld: Small mirrors and discovery burs

Jose: Calcified molar:warm vertical condensation

John A Khademi: Surgery: extraction and implants

Marga Ree: Internal resorption

John A Khademi: Demineralized Freeze Dried Bone Allograft

John A Khademi: #9 Nec, #10 Vital :DFDBA


Christoph Kaaden:  Deep split:Warm vertical condensation

Rafaël Michiels: Difficult calcificated central

Terry Pannkuk: Multiple access preps and poorly bonded composites

Drugs of choice

Philippe sleiman: Cavernous sinus

Terry Pannkuk: Multiple tooth isolation

Periotherapist group: Interdental molar bone : periodontal disease

Dumbing down of dentistry

Evidence based dentistry abstracts 1

Sergiu Nicola: 3 broken file cases

Marga Ree: Large lesion one year recall

Patrick Baltieri: Tooth # 37 : Double curvature

Gary L henkel: Percussion : Vertical root fracture

Einstein - Jared: Final photos for implant #30

Jared - Einstein: Implant # 20 : 2nd stage surgery

Jared - Einstein: implant # 30

Einstein - Melissa: Einstein implant #3

Sergiu Nicola: Simple MTA Case

Rafaël Michiels: Missed MB2 : K files: NaOCL: EDTA

Sergiu Nicola: Gustavo Dedeus hand filing tehnique

Marga Ree: Dens invaginatus : percussion sensitivity

Jeffrey C. Hoos: Tissue management of implant

Maarten Meire: Symptomatic apical lesion

Liviu Steier: Internal sinus elevation

Rafaël Michiels: 3 canal second premolar

Michael Arnold: Incredible case

Guy Moorman: Severe pain and palatal swelling

Winfried Zeppenfeld: Crack, Sinus tract # 13

Lynne H Slim: Inflammation in subgingival calculus

Terry Pannkuk: Open sinus lift with tenting

Terry Pannkuk: Implant after extraction of first molar

Liviu Steier: Balloon sinus elevation

Smoking and dental health

Craig Goldin: Immediate implant placement with buccal bone

Fred Barnett: Einstein Fracture and apico #19

Marga Ree: dental trauma lower anteriors

Bill Seddon: Retreatment fun

Scot White: Distal root : Extra anatomy : filling technique

Terry Pannkuk:Endo or implant?

Terry Pannkuk: Heroic save

Terry Pannkuk: Retreatment 1 into 3

Marga Ree: Nice healing : Crown

Marga Ree: Internal resorption : Resorption defect

Kenneth S Serota: Tooth graphics by Dr Ciobanu

Kenneth S Serota: The endodontic implant algorithm

Jeffrey C. Hoos: Tissue implant healing

Venkat Crack: propagation:Bucco lingual direction

Fred Barnett: Einstein Implant case to completion

Fred Barnett: Einstein Implant abutment #30

Kenneth S Serota: Bone augmentation and regeneration

Guy Moorman: Endo cases : twisted files : rotary files

Dmitri Ruzanov: One upper molar: palatal canals: Huge stone

Terry Pannkuk: Silver point tag protection

Fred Barnett: Einstein Surgery #3 MB DB and P

D K Garretson: Two visits , two steps

Jared - Einstein: RCT #18 and Ext #19

Marga Ree: post and core, 4.5 year follow-up

Sergiu Nicola: Broken file case

Fred Barnett: Txplan

Sergiu Nicola: Two cases from today

Fred Barnett: Einstein molar : Irreversible pulptitis

Mark Dreyer: 6 weeks healing: furcal bone: B and DB

Rob Kaufmann: Lasers in Endo


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