Thursday, August 16, 2012

New cases May 2012 to July 2012 -

Imran Cassim - Internal bleaching gave us the results
Dmitri Ruzanov - Comprehensive perio-prosthetics
Imran Cassim - Retreat after failed apico
Fred Barnett - Autotransplantation case
Marga Ree - orthograde retreatment of a root-end filling
Terry Pannkuk - Referred a jelly fish
Rosler A. Sergio - Cleared MB root
Marino Sutedjo - Two molars
Terry Pannkuk - Maxillary bicuspid
Craig Barrington - Four cuspids
Terry Pannkuk - Molar bridge abutment
Chaniotis Antonis - Lateral lesion healing
Christian Diegritz - External root resorption due to dental trauma
Terry Pannkuk - Revascularization
Imran Cassim - Endo-perio-prostho algorithm
Chaniotis Antonis - Negotiating canals
Chaniotis Antonis - Obliterated case
Harald Prestegaard - Broken instrument in ML canal
Terry Pannkuk - 21 year surgery recall
Chaniotis Antonis - Apical part of mesial root - Tooth #46
Chaniotis Antonis - 3 canal maxillary premolar micro surgery
Imran Cassim - Spiral lower wisdom
Imran Cassim - Sealer creep
Imran Cassim - Opalescence in the coronal part
Imran Cassim - Lower incisor rescue
Imran Cassim - Furcation perforation repair
Rajiv Patel - Forced recalls on retreatment
Marga Ree - Forced eruption
Chaniotis Antonis - Histopath evaluation
Diana Paczesny - Radiolucency around the distal root
Dmitri Ruzanov - A filling
Chaniotis Antonis - Teeth vital in electrical and thermal test
Chaniotis Antonis - Disinfection,recapitulation,classic schilder obturation
Cosmin fetcu - Internal resorption
Terry Pannkuk - Internal resorption case
Terry Pannkuk - Lateral surgical treatment
Colin gardiner - Lesion on the lingual surface
Terry Pannkuk - Typical Sargentii Look
Patricia Ferrari - Horizontal root fracture
Chaniotis Antonis - Maxillary lateral incisor lesion
Chaniotis Antonis - 1-3-2 MB & CLASSIC SCHILDER
Stephen Kllinge - Middle mesial
Terry Pannkuk - Another Thermafilth Retreatment
Terry Pannkuk - Extraoral Fistula Case
Terry Pannkuk - Obliterated Pulp Chamber
Terry Pannkuk - Fused MB and DB roots
Terry Pannkuk - Broken down short bicuspid with subgingival caries
Marga Ree - 11 year recall of compromised tooth
Chaniotis Antonis - Maxillary first premolar retreatment
Chaniotis Antonis - C shaped premolar
Chaniotis Antonis - Biodentine handling
Chaniotis Antonis - Dens invaginatous type III
Terry Pannkuk - Gross distal caries
Terry Pannkuk - Single visit vital case
Marga Ree - ECIR after ortho
Chaniotis Antonis - Thermafil retreatment
Jorge Vera - 27 mm lower molar, M4
Chaniotis Antonis - Ledged S curved mesial canals
Raf Michiels - Crazy case
Raf Michiels - Lower left first molar retreatment
Mauro henrique chagas - Cracked tooth syndrome
Terry Pannkuk - Incomplete Endo-Full Mouth Reconstruction
Terry Pannkuk - Another 98 Percent Retreat
Terry Pannkuk - Another retreatment mess
Chaniotis Antonis - Broken instrument case
Chaniotis Antonis - Interesting revasc case

Friday, April 27, 2012

Additions Feb 2012 to April 2012

Anastomosing Laterals
Calcified canals
Pulp chamber
Calcified molar
Ominous Lesion
Instrumenting MB2
Buccal caries Recent recall
Cast post cores
Severe pain
Perio pocket
Not much calcified
Hess anatomy
3 palatal POE
Crap endo
Implant algorithm Recapitulations
Long term recall
Nerve proximity
Tooth #15
Psicologic condition
Fractured central
Radicular root
Wave lower molar
ECIR type III ECIR recall
Stainless steel band
Microscope dentistry
Complex root canal
Upper premolar
Scope bracket
Thermafilth abuse
Retreatment failure
Spreader loading Buccal sinus tracts
Overflow of cement
Cracked tooth
Root ressection
Vertical condensation
Big infection
NSRCT on molar
Dangerous anatomy
Alloys and composite
Unknown instruments
Lesion on cuspid
Missed lateral canal
Periapical lesion
Subgingival Geristore
Unusual molar
Partial pulpotomy
Massive caries
Incisors cases
Cracked tooth syndrom
Narrow mesial root
Long canine
Buccal furcation
Lateral lesion
Healed PA lesion
5 year recall
18 year recall
Internal resorption
Lateral POE
Instrument removal
Shaping and irrigation
Rotary shaping
MTA cases
S Curvature
Endo perio lesion
Missed distal canal
V and C shape
Fractured tooth
Obturation sequence
Caries exposure
Clinical cases

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Latest additions Aug - Sep 2011

Roberto Cristescu - Fistel
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tracts - different treatments
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 9
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 28
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 29
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 30
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 32
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 17
Mark Dreyer - 25 year old case
Craig Barrington - 15 year follow up of Palatal root
Rafaël Michiels - Left lateral upper incisor
Rajiv Patel - Distalized access
Craig Barrington - Cleared teeth: Crown preparation
Mark Dreyer - 4 year recall: hydrolosis of dentin bond
Maarten Meire - Large lesion in endodontic region
Rajiv Patel - Tincture of titanium?
Mark Dreyer -Amazing one year healing
JDA 2011 - Abstracts 2011: Abstract 26
JDA, Vol 134, No 3 - Titanium applications in dentistry
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 1
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 2
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 3
Roberto Cristescu - Sinus tract case 4
Roberto Cristescu - Trauma case 2010
Konstantinos kalogeropoulos - Thermafilth retreatment
Rafaël Michiels - Asymptomatic Apical Periodontitis
Bojidar Kafelov - Calcified incisor II
Fred Barnett - Einstein Intrusion case
Rafael Michiels - Blasphemy
Roberto Cristescu - C shape canal
Javier Pascual - Second canal in apical third
Terry Frey J - Sensitivity and pain
Terry Pannkuk - Questionable Overuse of CBCT
Mark Dreyer - Not a trophy case
Jorge Vera - Tough canals with twisted files
Roberto Cristescu - There should be no difference to use CaOH or not
How Cavity Causing Microbes Invade Heart
Dental care polishes much more than teeth
In pain mom-to-be found only dentist wait list
Rajiv Patel - vicious curvacious tooth # 15
Roberto Cristescu - Nice Mb2 confluence
Roberto Cristescu - Macrophages around apical part
Roberto Cristescu - Missed MB
Roberto Cristescu - Bone loss in furcation
Roberto Cristescu - Enamel Pearl
Rajiv Patel - Minimally Invasive (MiNi) Microscopic Endodontics
Terry Pannkuk - Labial resorption defect
NIDCR Diabetes can cause serious problems in your mouth
David Leader - Dentists Can Screen for Diabetes
Terry Pannkuk - Multiple recapitulations
Craig Barrington - Kick Access technique
Bojidar Kafelov - Herodontic cases and a humble 1 year recall
Roberto Cristescu - 25 years long term recall
Christoph Kaaden - Vertical implant fracture case
Sergio martins - 6mm prbing crack C shaped
Wisdom tooth FAQ
Wisdom tooth video
Wisdom tooth removal
Fred Barnett - CBCT and PA lucency
Terry Pannkuk - Crack assessment technique
Craig Barrington - My first implant
Terry Pannkuk - Another thermafilth result

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ROOTS cases - Year 2009

Terry Pannkuk - Perforating internal resorption case
Terry Pannkuk - Five Month Dental Douche
Fred Barnett - 3 rooted lower molar:Tooth #18
Fred Barnett - retreatment #30--cbct
Fred Barnett - MSDO : before and after endo tx
Ilya mer - PDL on both central incisors : Funky case
Terry Pannkuk - Lesion on the MB root of #3
John Valentine - Canal blocked  palatal patent,buccal query
Fred Barnett - CBCT - serious pathosis
Fred Barnett - Molar is testing as Irreversible Pulpitis

Terry Pannkuk - Combination Nonsurgical Surgical Resorption Repair
Javier Pascual - MTA direct pulp capping
Terry Pannkuk - Beach ball sized lesion
Mark Dreyer - Finding MB1 , MB2 and MB3
Liviu Steier - Implant case of the day
Barry Goodman - Blade implant after 30 years
Fred Barnett - Compare PA and CBCT lesion or No lesion
Fred Barnett - Palatal resorption : root tip : Large PA lesion
Fred Barnett - CBCT and diagnosis of trauma
Terry Pannkuk - Maxillary second molar: Thermafilth

Liviu Steier - Missed MB2 and MSDO
Fred Barnett - Trauma case with PA and clinical pictures
Fred Barnett - Retx case: missed distal canal
Sergiu Nicola: Removal of separated instrument
Terry Pannkuk: CBCT Exam for patient slated for heart surgery
Terry Pannkuk: CBCT scan on routine lesion
Mohammed Alshehri: Root planing:Bleaching:Ceramic final crowns
Fred Barnett: Lesions
Fred Barnett: Landl root fx case
Dmitri Ruzanov: Two implants:no wax up:no stent

Continuing Dental Education - Implants
Terry Pannkuk: Complex molar case: Narrow long mesial root
Liviu Steier: Eminence and lipping of the condyle
Guy Moorman: Bisphosphate and radiation case
Fred Barnett: Tooth #30 PA and CBCT
Jose: Placing implant Position #4 and cantilever to #3
Bioscaff: Alvelac :Preserve tooth sockets naturally
Terry Pannkuk: No signs of PA radiolucencies
Liviu Steier - Eminence and lipping of the condyle
Guy Moorman - Bisphosphate and radiation case

Fred Barnett - Tooth #30 PA and CBCT
Jose - Placing implant Position #4 and cantilever to #3
Bioscaff: Alvelac :Preserve tooth sockets naturally
Terry Pannkuk - No signs of PA radiolucencies
Terry Pannkuk - Moderate percussion sensitivity
Rafaël Michiels - Direct Capping with MTA
Sergio martins - Molar retreat: Acute abscess
Einstein - Bilal - Implant #30 (Ankylos 4.5 x 11m)
Rajiv Patel - Fun with tricuspid
Terry Pannkuk - Access preparations with Ledges and perfs

Barry Goodman - Periapical radiolucency
Kristina Otaite - Triple retreatment
Fred Barnett - Tooth #15: very large lesion : missed MB2
Einstein - Melissa: MB2 joined with ML
Thomas Shimko - Crack or mesial canal
Sergiu Nicola - Playing with mesial system
Mark Dreyer - 95% of the canal was simple
Einstein - Bilal: Tooth #8 : chronic periapical abscess, sinus tract
Einstein - Bilal: Tooth #30 :Irreversible pulpitis
Rob Kaufmann - Upper right cuspid : Lateral incisor

Rob Kaufmann - Dentin wrapped around pulp space
Sergiu Nicola - Simple retreatment with a surprise
Liviu Steier - Furcation involvement class III
Venkat - Missing ML canal : Separated instrument removal
Maarten Meire - Retreatment case: silverpoints, missed anatomy
Mark Dreyer - Middle mesial canal
Guy Moorman - Acute pulpitis :periapical periodontitis
Patrick Wahl - Better with Twisted Files than Without Them
Roberto Cristescu - Tooth tilted to mesial:Limited mouth opening
Roberto Cristescu - Etiology of the distal lesion

Mark Dreyer - Torturous apical anatomy
Mark Dreyer - Chewing sensitivity of fleeting duration on #2
Liviu Steier - Third Implant case
Liviu Steier - First implant case
Liviu Steier - Second implant case
Sergiu Nicola - Twin broken file removal plus a ledge
Alejandro Podolsky - Three roots upper premolar
Christoph Kaaden - Internal Vs External Resorption
Terry Pannkuk - Complicated apical trifurcation-distal
Melissa - Einstein: #18 irreversible pulpitis with APP

Javier Pascual - Cvek pulpotomy with CaOH in tooth 3.7
Terry Pannkuk - Severe  gingival inflammation: Tooth #6 and #11
Noemi pascual - Premolar 45 with a nice lateral canal
Guy Moorman - Ortho is a viable treatment with an implant
Gary L henkel - Obvious major circumferential radioluscency
Terry Pannkuk - Cannot bite on the bicuspid tooth
Glenn van As - Getting down the canal with ultrasonics
Sergiu Nicola - Middle mesial with separate POE
Terry Pannkuk - Chamber stuffed with cotton
Marga Ree - Sandblasting the pulp floor

Marga Ree - Removing silver points with chloroform
Terry Pannkuk - Irrigating, flushing, and churning irrigant, changing the CH
D K Garretson - Parethesia and marked swelling
Terry Pannkuk - Endo misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment
Kristina Otaite - 5 canals in lower molar
Venkat - AG BU with Ortho Band
Venkat - Completed Apico with MTA retrofill
Venkat - Resin core
Venkat - Pre endo Build up and importance of BW
Venkat - MB2 had a difficult acute curve

Rafaël Michiels - Cleaning, shaping and obturation


Sergiu Nicola - Finding MB2 and MB3 : isthmus

Mark Dreyer - MB 2 presentation : deep in a canal

Terry Pannkuk - Complex anatomy and severe pulp calcification

Rafaël Michiels - Incredible overextension of sealer

SOTIRIS MAGKOS - Prognosis for the lateral incisor

Jeremy Rourke - Amazing images of Acute Pulpitis

Terry Pannkuk - Apical thirds from multiple angles

Mohammed Saleh - CT guided implant syrgery

Terry Pannkuk - Shaping versus Cleaning and Shaping

Guy Moorman - Long lower third : constriction of the mesial canals

Arturo R. García - Veneer cases

Mark Dreyer - how to clean a chamber floor

Sergiu Nicola - Interesting anatomy on upper premolar

Mark Dreyer - Severe curvature : Tough MB1 and MB2

Mark Dreyer - Finding the MB2

Rajiv Patel - Distal with multiplanar curves

Javier Pascual - Three canal lower premolar

Rajiv Patel - Tremendous loss of tooth structure

Nazariy Mykhaylyuk - Tooth 46,4 canals,4 apexes,Vertical condensation

Mark Dreyer - Restorative failure in which the pdl is intact

Javier Pascual - Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Ahmad Tehrani - Bent file stuck in the mid root

Ahmad Tehrani - Zirconia crown: Upper molar endo

Ahmad Tehrani - Dycal matrix : scope : MB2

Kristina Otaite - Lower premolar deep furcation

Maarten Meire - Upper molar with resorption

Mark Dreyer - Search for MB2

Mark Dreyer - Where to look for MB2

Mark Dreyer - Lateral canal

Terry Pannkuk - Teeth with wide open apices

Nikolaas Dewilde - Fistula in first upper premolar

Mark Dreyer - File separated in MB canal

Mark Dreyer - Red hair gingivitis : bleeding pulp

Terry Pannkuk - Pulp piercing

Mark Dreyer - Tilted upper molar: Difficult canals to shape

Mark Dreyer - Documenting search for MB2

Mark Dreyer - Tear drop shaped MB orifice

Abdul Parmar - Trauma case followup

Abdul Parmar - Follow up of trauma case

Abdul Parmar - 7 years old boy follow up of trauma case

Rafaël Michiels - Cone pumping: System B and obtura

Maarten Meire - Necrotic central incisor with internal resorption

Terry Pannkuk - Cracked Tooth Replacement

Terry Pannkuk - Two porcelain crown access cores

Sergiu Nicola - Retreatment of a necrotic case

Sergiu Nicola - Four broken files retrieval case

Mark Dreyer - Post space given in p canal

Gary L henkel - Maxillary 2nd molar with deep apical split

Sergiu Nicola - Xenon light source Acuity 300W dual xenon

Terry Pannkuk - Split maxillary molar with blown out buccal plate

Fred Barnett - Lesion on the mesial root

Javier Pascual - Two palatal cusps and some weird anatomy

Terry Pannkuk - 3.5 S Astra Implant : peripheral native bone

Mark Dreyer - getting enough light into canal for decent photo

Mark Dreyer - MB2 merging with MB1

Stefan Klinge - Buildup before endo treatment

Use of antibiotics appropriately for emergency

Ahmad Tehrani - Fractured lower molar: Endo restorative


Mark Dreyer - Splitting the buccal and lingual

Maarten Meire - Acute apical abcess : routine premolar



Terry Pannkuk - Tooth # 32: Third molar: Lesions

Mark Dreyer - Unusual MB2: canal and palatal orifice



Endo cases : ROOTS

Terry Pannkuk - Trauma slow burn :skeletal maturity

Terry Pannkuk - Alveolar bone height : Mesial marginal ridge crack

Mark Dreyer - Disposable RD : Handidams by Aseptico

Sergiu Nicola - Broken file retrieval cases

Leandro A P Pereira - K3 out of Apex :hemostasis:circular flap

Terry Pannkuk - Treatment of multiple teeth: Limited mouth opening

Rafaël Michiels - Cold lateral condensation : Cleaning and obturation

Sotiris Magkos - Large Apical resorption

Sotiris Magkos - Interesting apical resorption

Kenneth S Serota - Roots Digest 2 : Anatomy of root canals

Kenneth S Serota - Roots Digest 1 : Endodontist

Kenneth S Serota - Roots Digest 3 : postdoctoral endo program

Amir-Teymour Moinzadeh - Interesting apical delta

Ahmad Tehrani - No MTA, no polyester, no bioceramic

Ilias Mer - Real fatiguing case :Mesial and distal obturation

Mark Dreyer - Hot test: Dry prophy cup: System B

Javier Pascual - Revascularization first session : Reynolds protocol

Kenneth S Serota - Implants in endodontics

Best articles week ending 1st July 2009

Senor: Thermafil obturated lower first molar with gold crown

Mark Dreyer: Internal resorption : Resorptive lesion

Sergiu Nicola: Conservative removal of a broken file

Terry Pannkuk: 4 year recall Weeping Lesion

Roberto Cristescu: CBCT - Split tooth

Roberto Cristescu: Healed case :tooth # 11:Tooth # 21

Rob Kaufmann: Maxillary left lateral incisor

Best articles week ending 24th June 2009

Rafaël Michiels: Advantages of warm technique: RCT of tooth 3.6 (#19)

Rob Kaufmann: Occasional palatal swelling: Resorption mapping

Fred - Bilal Einstein Revascularization case

Christoph Kaaden: Finding other canals apart from palatinal

Rajiv Patel: Forked tongue cases

Terry Pannkuk: Short 6mm long implant

Terry Pannkuk: Broken bur get in apical half of the root

Terry Pannkuk: Astra 6mm by 4mm implant

Terry Pannkuk: Split root : implant

Terry Pannkuk: 9 year surgical recall

Best articles week ending 17th June 2009

Melissa - Einstein: TF files complete case

Sergiu Nicola: Broken files, apical ledges, and 3 failed retreatments

Jared - Einstein: Three furs:Tooth #31:Tooth #30:Tooth #29

Jared - Einstein: Bleach and treat #9

Best articles week ending 10th June 2009

Jared - Einstein: Using TF files

Danny O'Keefe: 3D implant photos

Siju Jacob: Two mandibular incisors

Sergiu Nicola: Cool apical split : Lateral canal

Best articles week ending 3rd June 2009

Dental India:Best articles week ending 28th May 2009

Dental India: Key search terms - 28th May 2009

Camil Ianes: Interesting anatomy cases

Jeffrey C. Hoos: Implants failure : over heated bone : CBCT

Sanjay Jamdade: Notes on lecure by Prof Nentwig and Dr Weighl

Terry Pannkuk: coronal blood staining on the crown

Javier Pascual: Lateral luxation : Buccal fistula :Buccal distal

Guy Moorman:Lesion on MB : Chipped tooth

Einstein: Buck Endo perio case

Dental India: Best articles week ending 20th May 2009

Terry Frey: Finding DB (distal buccal) Canal

Javier Pascual: Fracture : Buccal and palatal

Marga Ree: Retreatment, surgery or implant

Ahmad Tehrani: Pain with LR 1st molar #30

Einstein: Bilal Distal end of the core : Molar

Kendel Garretson: Upper second molar: pulpitis

Georgescu Daniel: #3.6 Immediate Implant

Dental India:Best articles week ending 13th May 2009

Siju Jacob: Restricted mouth opening, narrow canals

John A. Schehl: Deep decay : carious exposure

Dr Barden: Traumatic accident and avulsion

Javier Pascual: Fragment of a broken drill

Christoph Kaaden: Lesion on the D root

Ahmad Tehrani: Extract / Implant

Ahmad Tehrani: Carious exposure : Irreversible pulpitis with AAP

Sergiu Nicola: Over extension, broken files,apical perforation

Terry Pannkuk: Tooth severly tipped to the lingual

Jorge Vera: Passive ultrasonic activation:Irrigation

Siju Jacob: Calcified chamber : Mandibular second molar

Siju Jacob: Middle mesial : Mandibular first molar

Rafaël Michiels: Dental decay : cold lateral condensation

Kendel Garretson: Calcium hydroxide as an interim dressing

Jorge Vera: TF and patency

Abdul Parmar: Fluorosis affecting the upper centrals

Dmitri Ruzanov: Glassfiber Post

Fred Barnett: Tooth #8 and tooth #9

Marga Ree: Resorption due to ortho

Marga Ree: Retreatment of an apico

Javier Pascual: Single visit root canal retreatment

Marga Ree: Apical barrier technique with MTA : MTA barrier

Carlos Saramago: Severe curvatures case : Coronal flaring

Noemi pascual: PA child case : Tooth #36

Kristina Otaite: Lower premolar : Cold lateral

Jose: sinus lift lateral window : Membrane

Terry Pannkuk: Huge pulp stone and irrational dentin

Marga Ree: Perforation repair - 3 year followup

Terry Pannkuk: Sequence pictures of a maxillary molar access

Rafaël Michiels: Protaper shaping and cleaning with NaOCl and EDTA

Rafaël Michiels: Apical periodontitis : Restoration in glassionomer

A dictionary of dental terms:dental terminology

Rafaël Michiels: Pulsing pain and moderate percussion sensitivity

John A Khademi: MM / Isthmus protocol

John A Khademi: Mesial middle

Jörg Schröder: Fragment beyond the apex :endosonore files

Terry Pannkuk: Sideways molar

Terry Pannkuk: Abscess on second bicuspid : Post drill out

Rob Kaufmann: Allergy to Red Dye and relationship to Gutta Percha?

Winfried Zeppenfeld: Small mirrors and discovery burs

Jose: Calcified molar:warm vertical condensation

John A Khademi: Surgery: extraction and implants

Marga Ree: Internal resorption

John A Khademi: Demineralized Freeze Dried Bone Allograft

John A Khademi: #9 Nec, #10 Vital :DFDBA


Christoph Kaaden:  Deep split:Warm vertical condensation

Rafaël Michiels: Difficult calcificated central

Terry Pannkuk: Multiple access preps and poorly bonded composites

Drugs of choice

Philippe sleiman: Cavernous sinus

Terry Pannkuk: Multiple tooth isolation

Periotherapist group: Interdental molar bone : periodontal disease

Dumbing down of dentistry

Evidence based dentistry abstracts 1

Sergiu Nicola: 3 broken file cases

Marga Ree: Large lesion one year recall

Patrick Baltieri: Tooth # 37 : Double curvature

Gary L henkel: Percussion : Vertical root fracture

Einstein - Jared: Final photos for implant #30

Jared - Einstein: Implant # 20 : 2nd stage surgery

Jared - Einstein: implant # 30

Einstein - Melissa: Einstein implant #3

Sergiu Nicola: Simple MTA Case

Rafaël Michiels: Missed MB2 : K files: NaOCL: EDTA

Sergiu Nicola: Gustavo Dedeus hand filing tehnique

Marga Ree: Dens invaginatus : percussion sensitivity

Jeffrey C. Hoos: Tissue management of implant

Maarten Meire: Symptomatic apical lesion

Liviu Steier: Internal sinus elevation

Rafaël Michiels: 3 canal second premolar

Michael Arnold: Incredible case

Guy Moorman: Severe pain and palatal swelling

Winfried Zeppenfeld: Crack, Sinus tract # 13

Lynne H Slim: Inflammation in subgingival calculus

Terry Pannkuk: Open sinus lift with tenting

Terry Pannkuk: Implant after extraction of first molar

Liviu Steier: Balloon sinus elevation

Smoking and dental health

Craig Goldin: Immediate implant placement with buccal bone

Fred Barnett: Einstein Fracture and apico #19

Marga Ree: dental trauma lower anteriors

Bill Seddon: Retreatment fun

Scot White: Distal root : Extra anatomy : filling technique

Terry Pannkuk:Endo or implant?

Terry Pannkuk: Heroic save

Terry Pannkuk: Retreatment 1 into 3

Marga Ree: Nice healing : Crown

Marga Ree: Internal resorption : Resorption defect

Kenneth S Serota: Tooth graphics by Dr Ciobanu

Kenneth S Serota: The endodontic implant algorithm

Jeffrey C. Hoos: Tissue implant healing

Venkat Crack: propagation:Bucco lingual direction

Fred Barnett: Einstein Implant case to completion

Fred Barnett: Einstein Implant abutment #30

Kenneth S Serota: Bone augmentation and regeneration

Guy Moorman: Endo cases : twisted files : rotary files

Dmitri Ruzanov: One upper molar: palatal canals: Huge stone

Terry Pannkuk: Silver point tag protection

Fred Barnett: Einstein Surgery #3 MB DB and P

D K Garretson: Two visits , two steps

Jared - Einstein: RCT #18 and Ext #19

Marga Ree: post and core, 4.5 year follow-up

Sergiu Nicola: Broken file case

Fred Barnett: Txplan

Sergiu Nicola: Two cases from today

Fred Barnett: Einstein molar : Irreversible pulptitis

Mark Dreyer: 6 weeks healing: furcal bone: B and DB

Rob Kaufmann: Lasers in Endo


Friday, July 16, 2010

Leaking amalgam restoration, One piece implant case,Monitoring Lucency

Radicular cyst:Bicuspid area:Lower incisors

Endo cases by Abdul Parmar

Sergiu Nicola - Monitoring the lucency

Jorge Vera - Pain to percussion on upper molar

Keysearches on 10th June 2010

Chaniotis Antonis - Open apex with periradicular lesion

Tommie Van de Velde - Recession : 2 x CT grafting

Rafaël Michiels - Broken instruments

Patrick Wahl - Tooth with long roots

Mark Dreyer - Endo restorative case

Mark Dreyer - Cool distal: Fun case

Mark Dreyer - Pulp canal sealer

Mark Dreyer - Unresolved sinus tract

Maarten Meire - Leaking amalgam restoration

liviu Steier - One piece implant case

Henry Hintze - Upper case with Syncone

Henry Hintze - Severe angled implant case