Friday, July 16, 2010

Leaking amalgam restoration, One piece implant case,Monitoring Lucency

Radicular cyst:Bicuspid area:Lower incisors

Endo cases by Abdul Parmar

Sergiu Nicola - Monitoring the lucency

Jorge Vera - Pain to percussion on upper molar

Keysearches on 10th June 2010

Chaniotis Antonis - Open apex with periradicular lesion

Tommie Van de Velde - Recession : 2 x CT grafting

Rafaƫl Michiels - Broken instruments

Patrick Wahl - Tooth with long roots

Mark Dreyer - Endo restorative case

Mark Dreyer - Cool distal: Fun case

Mark Dreyer - Pulp canal sealer

Mark Dreyer - Unresolved sinus tract

Maarten Meire - Leaking amalgam restoration

liviu Steier - One piece implant case

Henry Hintze - Upper case with Syncone

Henry Hintze - Severe angled implant case

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