Thursday, August 16, 2012

New cases May 2012 to July 2012 -

Imran Cassim - Internal bleaching gave us the results
Dmitri Ruzanov - Comprehensive perio-prosthetics
Imran Cassim - Retreat after failed apico
Fred Barnett - Autotransplantation case
Marga Ree - orthograde retreatment of a root-end filling
Terry Pannkuk - Referred a jelly fish
Rosler A. Sergio - Cleared MB root
Marino Sutedjo - Two molars
Terry Pannkuk - Maxillary bicuspid
Craig Barrington - Four cuspids
Terry Pannkuk - Molar bridge abutment
Chaniotis Antonis - Lateral lesion healing
Christian Diegritz - External root resorption due to dental trauma
Terry Pannkuk - Revascularization
Imran Cassim - Endo-perio-prostho algorithm
Chaniotis Antonis - Negotiating canals
Chaniotis Antonis - Obliterated case
Harald Prestegaard - Broken instrument in ML canal
Terry Pannkuk - 21 year surgery recall
Chaniotis Antonis - Apical part of mesial root - Tooth #46
Chaniotis Antonis - 3 canal maxillary premolar micro surgery
Imran Cassim - Spiral lower wisdom
Imran Cassim - Sealer creep
Imran Cassim - Opalescence in the coronal part
Imran Cassim - Lower incisor rescue
Imran Cassim - Furcation perforation repair
Rajiv Patel - Forced recalls on retreatment
Marga Ree - Forced eruption
Chaniotis Antonis - Histopath evaluation
Diana Paczesny - Radiolucency around the distal root
Dmitri Ruzanov - A filling
Chaniotis Antonis - Teeth vital in electrical and thermal test
Chaniotis Antonis - Disinfection,recapitulation,classic schilder obturation
Cosmin fetcu - Internal resorption
Terry Pannkuk - Internal resorption case
Terry Pannkuk - Lateral surgical treatment
Colin gardiner - Lesion on the lingual surface
Terry Pannkuk - Typical Sargentii Look
Patricia Ferrari - Horizontal root fracture
Chaniotis Antonis - Maxillary lateral incisor lesion
Chaniotis Antonis - 1-3-2 MB & CLASSIC SCHILDER
Stephen Kllinge - Middle mesial
Terry Pannkuk - Another Thermafilth Retreatment
Terry Pannkuk - Extraoral Fistula Case
Terry Pannkuk - Obliterated Pulp Chamber
Terry Pannkuk - Fused MB and DB roots
Terry Pannkuk - Broken down short bicuspid with subgingival caries
Marga Ree - 11 year recall of compromised tooth
Chaniotis Antonis - Maxillary first premolar retreatment
Chaniotis Antonis - C shaped premolar
Chaniotis Antonis - Biodentine handling
Chaniotis Antonis - Dens invaginatous type III
Terry Pannkuk - Gross distal caries
Terry Pannkuk - Single visit vital case
Marga Ree - ECIR after ortho
Chaniotis Antonis - Thermafil retreatment
Jorge Vera - 27 mm lower molar, M4
Chaniotis Antonis - Ledged S curved mesial canals
Raf Michiels - Crazy case
Raf Michiels - Lower left first molar retreatment
Mauro henrique chagas - Cracked tooth syndrome
Terry Pannkuk - Incomplete Endo-Full Mouth Reconstruction
Terry Pannkuk - Another 98 Percent Retreat
Terry Pannkuk - Another retreatment mess
Chaniotis Antonis - Broken instrument case
Chaniotis Antonis - Interesting revasc case

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